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Who We Are

Government Energy Solutions is constantly ready to do the right things; we are your trusted servant and will build on your vision with the ability to perform.

What We Do

We take your commodity ideas and turn them into an execution of your goals. Let us show you how, when and where!


“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work”. Let GES show you how we can harness our work successes, like lightning, to generate business for you in the energy market.

“Roger Herdy provided leadership and secured a key DARPA program that enabled the UAH Propulsion Research Center to have a national-class rocket test facility.  This new rocket test stand became backbone of the current 

PRC test facilities, and continues to provide value to students and researchers at UAH.   In recognition of his significant contributions to UAH, we recognized Roger’s significant contributions with the PRC Propulsion Excellence Award, in 2016.”

Dr. Robert Frederick
Director, Propulsion Research Center
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

“I really appreciate you taking the time to provide this information relative to the gateway and network engineering support efforts provided to CEHNC AMP.  Bryan has told me a couple times how much he appreciates your capabilities.

The GES team provides an exceptional level of service and dedication to our General Dynamics IT mission on the MDMS task.  Sara, Gary and the rest of your team do more than just contribute their significant experience and expertise in full support of the Army’s energy programs—they are the “go to team” when there is a challenge to be overcome involving the local NEC, other AMP vendors and the CEHNC team.

We are stronger and more capable because of the GES team’s ability to address and resolve the complex network engineering and Army NETCOM coordination efforts in support of the Army energy efforts.”

Kevin Hoey
District Manager, General Dynamics Information Technology